Thursday, September 13, 2007

FAQ's- Sandboarding

How often do we run trips?
DHA runs half and full day sandboarding trips on an almost daily basis. We also have our combo's- SB & Quad Bike, SB & Skydive, SB & Surf which we can run in conjunction with our half & full day trips.

How much does it cost?
DHA runs half and full day sand boarding as well as lots of combo's
Half day Sandboarding: R400
Full Day Sandboarding: R595
Sandboard & Quad Bike Combo: R750
Sandboard & Surf Combo: R700
Sandboard & Skydive Combo: R1850
Prices all include expert tuition, all equipment, hotel shuttle, transportation to location, entrance fee and permit and lunch on all but the half day.

Is there any previous experience required?
No previous experience of sanboarding or snowboarding is required, as we give full instruction. If you already have some ability, we will show you how to improve and give you plenty of freedom to develop your skills and to enjoy the variety of slopes. Sandboarding is much easier to learn than snowboarding, as the slopes are not as high or slippery, and they level out at the bottom, meaning that one can just go straight on the inital runs while you get comfortable, balanced and overcome any initial trepidation.

Where do we do it?
We travel to the Atlantis dunes Nature Reserve about 40 minutes up the west coast from central Cape Town. It comprises of 5sq Km of pristine white sand with spectacular views across the bay of Table Mountain and the coastline. For larger groups we can go to Betty's Bay dune- about 2 hours out of Cape Town its the biggest dune around!

What equipment do we use?
We use full imported snowboards and boots (soft type) which we modify with our Superslick laminate and polish to make faster for the dunes as sand has more friction than snow.

What do I need to bring?
Decent socks are a necessity to wear inside the snowboard boots, sun glasses and sunblock in summer, suitable comfortable clothing, plenty of enthusiasm and energy.

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