Wednesday, October 10, 2007

FAQ's- Shark cage diving

Shark cage diving FAQ

How often do you run trips?
Daily, but it is weather dependent.

How much do you charge shark cage diving?
We charge R1200 or R1400 if you require transport from Cape Town

What time will I picked up?
This depends on the tides, but we will often pick you up pretty early, from around 05:30am- 09:30am. We collect you in our luxury Mercedes transporter vehicle equipped with air conditioning.
You can of course make your own way there, either in the morning, or why not stay over night?

Do I need some kind of diving license for shark cage diving?
Cage diving is mostly carried out without scuba these days, as we’ve found that the noise and bubbles can deter the sharks.
So you don’t need a PADI or other certificate in order to enjoy this great adventure activity.
When we do use compressed air we utilize a ‘hookah’ surface supplied system- i.e. no heavy bottles- you get air straight from an onboard compressor.

Where is the location of the shark cage diving?
It is at Gansbaai, which is a scenic 2-hour drive from the city centre. There are lots of great views along the way such as the whale watching area of Hermanus, and local Feinbos (indigenous plants) and fauna.

What's the best time of year?
The best time of year is probably between March & October, although there are great whites to be seen all year round.

What do I need to bring?
You need to bring a swimming costume, towel, and sunblock, we advise you take a seasick pill the night before.

Do I need to bring my own food?
No, the trip includes a breakfast and lunch.

Can I get it filmed?
Our expert cameraman will be with you who will film the whole thing, and provide you with a full DVD of the experience if you should want one.

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