Wednesday, October 10, 2007

FAQ's- Surfing

Surfing FAQ

How often do we run trips?
A-DHA runs half and full day surfing trips on an almost-daily basis. We also have our combo sand boarding & Surf which we can run in conjunction with our half & full day trips.

Is there any previous experience required?
A- No previous experience of surfing is required, as we give full instruction. If you already have some ability, we will show you how to improve and give you plenty of freedom to develop your skills and to enjoy the variety of waves that the beaches of Cape Town offers.

Where do we do it?
We usually go to Big Bay near Table View, which offers a great range of waves, spectacular views of Table Mountain, Robben Island, and a shark-free environment. If the waves are better at the False Bay side we will go to Muizenberg.

What equipment do we use?
At DH we use either special foam boards for beginners or epoxy boards for those with a bit of experience (all mini-mal length).
We have a large range of wetsuits to fit all sizes. The water in Cape Town usually requires you wear one, but they make sure you stay warm and comfortable for the whole experience.

How Cold is the Water?
The Oceans around Cape Town can be pretty chilly, and normally require a 3-4mm wetsuit.

What do I need to bring?
Sun glasses and sun block in summer, swimming costume, towel and plenty of enthusiasm and energy.

Do we get anything to eat?
We provide a lunch on a full day trip. If you want a special lunch because of religion, being vegetarian or allergies we can arrange a lunch suitable for you.

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