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Snorkeling With Seals


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Looking for an opportunity to see the famous Cape Fur seals? You’re in luck! Downhill Adventures offers Snorkeling with the Seals at Duiker Island in the Hout Bay area. Exciting Fact: Duiker Island is home to over 15 000 Cape Fur Seals.

The 3-hour trip consists of a leisurely boat ride and about an hour in the water. You don’t have to dive deep to see the seals. The snorkelling site is only 2 to 5 metres and offers a clear view to the bottom.

Cape Fur Seals are mostly active in the summertime.

Mating and breeding time is November/December of every year. This is when male seals set up “harems” or territories of females to mate with. Females mate immediately after giving birth.

Male Cape Fur Seals can weigh up to 360 kg! They often have to fight off competing males during mating season.

Cape Fur Seals are “endemic” to Namibia and South Africa. They belong to the eared seal family (Otariidae) and are a sub-species of the Afro-Australian Fur Seal. In South Africa the Cape Fur Seal is the only seal species that breeds here; however, other species such as Elephant Seals, Sub-Antarctic Fur Seals and Leopard Seals occasionally occur along our coastline.

Although you will float in the wetsuits you still need to be able to do basic swimming as this will ensure you are safe and comfortable in the water.

the Seals are not usually aggressive towards people, but you must be aware that they are wild animals so you should never attempt to touch or feed them. They can be a little aggressive if they have babies around though.

Seals are curious animals and will come over to check you out too. They will use their mouths to do this in the same way that dogs will sniff you since they don't have limbs so don't worry if they get up close and personal!

Snorkeling is very weather dependent as we need to ensure the safety of you and the crew! If the ocean is not suitable for the activity we will not risk going out to sea.

The actual snorkeling experience is about an hour.

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