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Tandem Skydiving


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Calling all those extreme adventure people out there – Skydiving is an activity for you. Skydiving in Cape Town with Downhill Adventures has got to be one of the most thrilling experiences in the world. Tandem Skydiving is hailed as the ultimate adrenaline sport.

Jumping out of a aeroplane at almost 10 000 feet above Cape Town and free falling for 25 to 30 seconds at 200 km per hour will absolutely blow you away. This much adrenaline should be illegal!

A 30-second free fall from 11 000ft is the ultimate Adrenalin rush! There's nothing like it...

The sheer rush of the free fall is combined with one of the most stunning aerial views of Cape Town, Table Mountain and Robben Island on a 4 to 5 minute parachute ride back to earth.

We offer Tandem Skydiving at an airfield on the West Coast of Cape Town.  No experience is needed. The only criteria that must be adhered to are that jumpers must weigh under 105 kg and more than 35 kg.


You can purchase footage of your awesome experience afterwards:

  • HandiCam Video & Photos
  • Camera Flyer Video & Photos 

You can book at least a day in advance but ideally 2-3 days would be great.

Wear your brightest socks, your most colourful top, and your most comfortable lace-up running shoes!

Come in fancy dress if you like – provided it is safe you can jump wearing pretty much anything

Big boots, spikes, hooks, high-heels, fancy jewellery, slops and flip flops are however not so good for this activity!

If you have long hair bring a couple of decent hair ties as well

Goggles to protect your eyes / contact lenses or to fit over prescription glasses will be provided

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• Our trips run every day of the week
• From 9am onwards • Subject to favourable weather conditions


• All Equipment
• The most experienced Tandem Masters in the country
• Safety briefing
• Transport can be included: R 650.00 per person

Why book with us?

• Great aerial views
• Fully qualified pilots
• Optional DVD & pictures
• Tandem masters & ground staff
• Transport possible from City Centre
• A proud, clean safety record since inception

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